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Competitive Pricing

"Instead of a cheap quote, how about an honest one?" - Sign in Front of Mechanic Shop

Look at the current economic situation to catch a glimpse of how complex the banking and financial industries are today.  Unfortunately, there are many gimmicks and games used by unscrupulous transaction processing companies as well as the sales forces they employ.  Over the years, the contractual tricks and terms have become increasingly more difficult to understand for business owners.  Some companies publish their rates online only to have the majority of their fees hidden deep in fine print that surprises you later.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself BEFORE choosing your transaction solution provider:

  • With so much new banking or payment technology, how can I keep up on what works best?
  • How do I know I am getting a good deal on my processing?
  • Are those "free" credit card terminal program offers legitimate?
  • Do you really want to hassle with extra hoops and hurdles?
  • Am I prepared for hardware/software incompatibilities?
  • How can I avoid getting stuck in dead-end hardware/software?
We have the answers to these questions and a lot more!  Unlike our competitors, we do not publish our rates and fees. This is because our rates and fees are individually customized to each client, based on their uniqueness and industry needs.
Internet Most transactions will take place via an Internet website and processed in real time.
Mail / Phone Order Majority of your transactions are done over the phone or through the mail, and transactions will be keyed in.
Retail Storefront Most credit card transactions are face to face, and swiped through a card reader.
Wireless Majority of transactions will be swiped through a wireless terminal.
Phone Processing Majority of transactions will be phoned in and entered via a touch tone phone.
ACH / Checks You would also like to process checks (ACH) in addition to credit cards.

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