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Retail Merchant Rates

The following lists our retail rates where the credit card is physically present and swiped through a card reader. This is usually a store front, however, these rates also apply to tradeshows, home parties, or any situation in which the credit card will be swiped. If you currently process credit cards, inquire about our free conversion program where we can beat your current rates.

Service Industry Average Transaction
Retail Discount Rate 1.85% 1.69%
Retail Transaction/Batch Fee 25 ¢ 20ยข
Monthly Service/Support/Statement Fee $10 - $15 $9.95

Other Fees (most clients do not experience these fees):
Service Industry Average Transaction Ready
Voice Authorization Fee
Note: only charged if you call the 800
voice auth line to authorize a transaction.
$1.50 75 ¢
Chargeback / Retrieval Fee
Note: only charged if your customer disputes a charge. In practice this rarely happens.
$35 $20
ACH Reject Fee
Note: only charged if you lack funds in your bank account to cover credit card fees or debits.
$30 $20

Most other providers will try to charge you the following fees. We do not!
Service Industry Average
New Era
Annual Fee up to $195
Application Fee $75 - $125
Setup Fee $50 - $150
Programming Fee $50 - $95
Monthly Maintenance Fee FREE! - $10

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