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Healthcare Payment Processing

Healthcare - Professional - Trade - Service Solutions:
The days of late payments or deadbeat invoices are over.  Imagine the power of collecting your receivables within 48-72 hours instead of 60 to 90 days!  The process is simple, and your business spends more time making money instead of chasing it.  Whether you are a sole proprietor or a publicly-traded company, our processing solutions come with a commitment to superior service and efficient technology.  We can tailor payment systems to fit professional, trade, and service business types of all sizes.

For many people, arranging to pay unexpected large bills (repair costs, legal fees, healthcare) can be a major challenge.  They have to consider the inconveniences of applying for a loan or pulling from a savings account.  There is a better way!  Now you can extend credit to your clients without the risks and hassles of in-house financing.  Clients appreciate the convenience of paying by plastic and can pay off their credit card balance on their own terms.

The benefits to your location are enormous:

  • Accept all major credit cards, ATM debit cards, check cards, and purchasing cards
  • Optional paper check acceptance with guarantee
  • Optional electronic check conversion with guarantee
  • Optional gift and loyalty card processing
  • Save on the time and expense of paper billing
  • Perfect for single visits or recurring fees
  • Virtually eliminate slow receivables and bad debt
  • Spend less time on paperwork and more time serving clients
  • Automatic batch features streamline transaction settlement at a predetermined time
  • Comprehensive reporting includes card type, sales volume, clerk ID, etc
  • View sales and transactions without printing or dialing out
  • Fast-find buttons for easy receipt reprints, voids, or refunds
  • Safe and secure technology to protect all parties involved
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant for data encryption

No matter what your area of business expertise, collecting overdue bills can be a slow and daunting process. That's why multiple payment methods make so much sense for your business. With our services, you get paid by direct deposit into your bank account within 48-72 hours of credit card settlement instead of the typical 60-90 day remittance handling.

Your Focus:
As a business owner or manager, your resources are dedicated to making the business grow through greater revenues and reduced costs.  You need multiple payment methods, but you don’t have time to assemble all of the solutions, install the equipment, and train your staff.  Most important, you want to deal with a company who is experienced and can deliver superior service AFTER the contract signing.

Our Approach:
We know our clients by name and not by a number.  We help reduce administrative headaches and paperwork hassles through electronic processing methods.  Our company will provide comprehensive on-going training and support whenever you need it.  By building quality long-term relationships, it is our hope that we will be the last company you will have to use for all of your electronic transaction needs.

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