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Business-to-Business Payment Processing

Corporate - B2B - Government Solutions:
No one is immune from slow paying accounts—not even large companies or heavy-hitters.  Now is the time to put money-moving technology to work.  Better payment acceptance methods mean faster cash flow, reduced overhead, and happier management.

In today's electronic age, more businesses and governmental agencies are requiring their suppliers to accept corporate cards for payment terms.  There are a number of options for accepting and processing these cards.  The right solution boosts receivable collection, moves inventory better, and speeds service contracts.  It also puts your company at a competitive advantage when bidding on contracts.

The benefits to your organization are enormous:

  • Accept all major credit cards, ATM debit cards, check cards, and purchasing cards
  • Optional paper check acceptance with guarantee
  • Optional electronic check processing with guarantee and conversion services
  • Link multiple terminals in multiple locations
  • Upload/download individual terminal transactions and data
  • Track and report transaction activity—locally or remotely
  • Handle multiple transactions simultaneously
  • Increased security by limiting user access
  • Recurring billing formats for easy automated payments
  • Automatic batch features streamline transaction settlement at a predetermined time
  • Comprehensive reporting includes card type, sales volume, etc.
  • View sales and transactions without printing or dialing out
  • Fraud prevention measures with Address Verification Service
  • Fast-find buttons for easy receipt reprints, voids, or refunds
  • Safe and secure technology to protect all parties involved
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant for data encryption

Your Focus:
Savvy businesses are transitioning to Internet payment solutions everyday.  Our company can assist with integrating an Internet payment system with your current accounting methods.  As technology improves and the demands of business change, you can rest assured that our solutions are expandable.  We offer security and real-time processing of business-to-business payment needs with retail, mail order, telephone order, and e-commerce solutions.

Our Approach:
We know our clients by name and not by a number.  We help reduce administrative headaches and paperwork hassles through electronic processing methods.  Our company will provide comprehensive on-going training and support whenever you need it.  By building quality long-term relationships, it is our hope that we will be the last company you will have to use for all of your electronic transaction needs.

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